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Kids Can't Ignore Parents Messages No More by ReplyASAP App

Many parents complain that their children don't like to answer their messages. Nick Herbert is one of these frustrated dads. Thus he crested an app that freezes kid's smartphone until they answer parents messages. Keep on reading for more details. And we also offer top free app store optimization guides that can be helpful to boost your app rank.

Nick Herbert hired a friend to help develop the app - ReplyASAP, an app that triggers the phone's alarm even on silent mode and doesn't stop ringing unless the recipient opens the message. But that's not all: ReplyASAP also freezes everything until the person replies to the message. These two conditions make messages impossible to ignore.

When an "ASAP message" is delivered, the app takes over the screen, interrupting whatever the recipient is doing on their phone, and an alarm will ring — even if the phone is set to silent. In order to stop the alarm, the recipient can hit snooze for 3 minutes while replying or hit "cancel" to exit the tab. The sender will then get a notification, depending on the option the recipient chooses.

After eight months of development, the app became available to Android users two weeks ago, and an iOS version for iPhone users is expected to launch in the coming weeks. In order for the alarm to work, the parent must download the accepts, both parties can start sending each other "ASAP messages." The app is free to download, but users will have to pay for bundles, starting at $1.27, depending on how many people they want to connect with. 

The app includes several tiered plans depending on how many people you want to be in contact with via ReplyASAP. Download ReplyASAP and have a try now! Keep your eyes here and you can get the latest app news at the first time. BTW, professional app rank boosting service also available here. Contact us for a higher app rank in mobile app marketing!
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