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Riders And Drivers Can Communicate With Each Other by Uber's New in-app Chat

Today, Uber announced they would launch a new in-app chat feature globally. According to the official announcement we can know riders and drivers can communicate with each other by Uber's new in-app chat. Read the following contents for more details. BTW, you can also get professional app store optimization services here to boos your app rank

According to Uber, the new in-app messaging system will preclude riders and drivers from having to share their phone number with one another when they need to get in touch. Uber already uses an anonymizing technology to mask your phone number (and your driver's) when you call or text outside the app, so it shows up as a random number. But while that technology is used in the US, it isn't available in some emerging markets, which is what inspired Uber to build this new chat system, a spokesperson said.

To send a message to your driver, riders can select “contact” then “chat” in the feed section of the Uber app. There, they can shoot a quick text to their driver about their exact location, or whatever else helps facilitate a smooth pickup.

And before you can say, “Isn't texting while driving dangerous,” Uber has a solution there, too. The messages are read aloud to the driver, who can respond with just a quick “thumbs-up” emoji with one tap. Both riders and drivers will see if their chats are delivered and read, to confirm the other actually received the communication.

Whatever, this new in-app chat feature can make your life more convenient. Keep your eyes here for the latest news of mobile app industry. Besides that, you can also get professional app rank boosting service here. Contact us now! 
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