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All Major VPN Apps Have Disappeared in China Apple Store

Recently, many Chinese found all major VPN apps have disappeared since last week. Tim Cook also gave an explanation to this phenomenon. Read the following contents for more details. And professional app rank boosting service also available here. 

China requires all VPN developers to have a license issued by the government, and they've been required to remove some VPN apps in China that don't meet the new regulations. Users in China accessing a different territory's App Store (i.e. they have indicated their billing address to be outside of China) are not impacted; they can download the iOS app and continue to receive updates as before.

Actually, this is not the first time Apple has drawn criticism for doing the Chinese government's bidding. The company removed multiple apps belonging to the New York Times from the App Store in China in December. It has also been at the receiving end of Chinese censorship, with its iBooks and iTunes Movie services shut down last year.

Apple's decision to remove the VPN apps in China was widely criticized, with many saying it was aiding and abetting Chinese censorship. ExpressVPN, one of the popular apps that was delisted, said in a blog post that it was "disappointed" and "troubled" by the tech giant's decision. But Cook defended the move, saying it was no different to Apple's compliance with local regulations in all its markets.

While Apple's decision is surprising and unfortunate, it does not change ExpressVPN's commitment to keeping you securely and reliably connected. Users in China can continue to stay connected to the open internet with ExpressVPN's apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and other platforms.

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