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Nvidia Shield TV Has Updated YouTube App with 360-Degree Video Support

GOOD NEWS! Nvidia Shield TV has the updated YouTube app with 360-Degree video support. Read the following contents for more details. BTW, we can also offer you professional app store optimization services that can be helpful to increase your app rank.

The updated YouTube app for Android TV is rolling out to SHIELD TV units, as confirmed by NVIDIA. This update not only brings a fresh UI, but access to YouTube 360, which will have you streaming videos in a full 360 degrees straight to your big screen.

The changes to the YouTube app also include improved browsing user interface elements, which are designed to make it easy to find stuff by category as well as know whose logged in account you’re looking at with just a glance. 

However, this update ditches the big, huge overlays that used to obscure the video as it starts just after you hit play, or when you pause the content, in favor of letting you actually enjoy the video itself, which is what you're there for.

What's more, the UI has been spruced up immensely. The biggest change must be the cleaning up of the subscription section. Instead of a jumbled list of your subscriptions, there’s now sleek icons that sit atop a transparent background. As you scroll through the icons, slides appear, displaying whichever option you’ve highlighted in the menu. 

And you can also get thumbnail previews as you seek back and forward in a video, and the autoplay feature now has a five-second delay to give you a chance to get your bearings, as well as the option to turn off autoplay altogether.

Users can enjoy Nvidia Shield TV better with the 360-Degree video support. Don't miss if you want to know the latest app news. Besides that, professional app rank boosting service also available here. Contact us now! 

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